THE INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE LAW ASSOCIATION – AIDA, a non-profit professional association, was founded on April 28, 1960 in Luxembourg. It is globally known as AIDA, the acronym of its name in French, the Association Internationale de Droit des Assurances. The 16 Founding Members appointed an interim Steering Committee and two co-Presidents, Professors Antigono Donati, of Italy, and Hans Möller, of Germany, who were assigned the task of encouraging the creation of national AIDA chapters in the Latin world, and in the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic world, respectively.

Today, AIDA is present in 73 countries and is comprised of legal professionals in insurance law, among them university professors, judges, State ministers and law students. AIDA members also include heads of legal departments at major insurance and reinsurance companies in countries which have an AIDA chapter.

In 1962, the CILA (AIDA’s Spanish, Portuguese, South and Central American regional grouping) was created through the initiative of a select group of academics and members of the National AIDA Chapters in Spain, Portugal, and different Latin American Chapters.

The purpose of CILA is to strengthen the ties among the different National Chapters of the region, as well to join forces in advocating for study and dissemination of Insurance Law and its related matters.