Real Estate


Assistance to Brazilian and foreign clients in real estate transactions in the country, in complex real estate negotiations, in businesses involving the sale and purchase of real estate, constitution of servitude, lease, lease, construction and financing, condominiums, subdivisions, securitizations, restructurings and joint ventures. Modeling, structuring and legal implementation of operations aimed at raising funds to finance residential, commercial or industrial real estate projects, such as demobilization of real estate assets, assignment of real estate receivables portfolios, issuance of debentures, real estate credit certificates (CCI) or real estate receivables (CRI), with or without the provision of guarantees, including the preparation of instruments that give rise to the respective real estate credits, such as lease, sale and purchase agreements or promise to sell and purchase or exchange real estate . Conduct of legal audit in real estate operations. Preparation of legal opinions involving real estate law issues, such as incorporation, allotment, constitution of typical and atypical condominiums and real estate guarantees, including advice on expropriation processes for the purpose of implementing infrastructure projects.