Creation of creative solutions to complex issues of corporate law, characterized by the pioneering in the creation and implementation of structures that sometimes become benchmark for the market.

Legal advice to a significant number of publicly and privately held companies, especially in relation to compliance with applicable corporate law and regulations.

Incorporation of companies, joint ventures, associations and consortia; Elaboration of statutes, social contracts, shareholders’ agreements, minutes of assembly and other associative instruments; Assistance to foreign companies wishing to invest in Brazil; Advice on corporate reorganization operations; Assistance in public offerings for the acquisition, sale or exchange of shares; Assistance in obtaining and canceling the registration of publicly-held companies; Advising publicly-held companies in the preparation of market announcements and relevant facts; Advice to companies on issues of corporate governance and preparation of studies and opinions related to corporate law; Performance in administrative proceedings and defenses before the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission, the National Financial System Resources Council and the Central Bank of Brazil; Legal representation at general meetings of shareholders, quotaholders or debenture holders; and Dissolution and liquidation of companies.