We are recognized for providing creative solutions to complex corporate law issues. We have done pioneering work in the creation and implementation of structures that have become benchmarks on the market. We provide legal advice to a significant number of publicly traded and closely held companies, especially regarding compliance with corporate law and applicable regulations.

Our main services in this area include:

  • Establishing companies, joint ventures, associations and consortia;
  • Preparing bylaws, articles of incorporation, shareholder agreements, general meeting minutes and other corporate documents;
  • Advising foreign corporations that wish to invest in Brazil;
  • Advising on corporate restructuring transactions;
  • Advising on tender offers, offerings or swap offers for shares;
  • Advising on the listing and delisting of publicly traded companies;
  • Advising publicly traded companies on the preparation of notices to the market and notices of material fact;
  • Advising companies on corporate governance issues and the preparation of studies and opinions related to corporate law;
  • Representation in administrative proceedings and hearings before the Brazilian Securities Commission, the National Financial System Appeals Board and the Brazilian Central Bank;
  • Legal representation at shareholder, quotaholder or the debenture holder general meetings; and
  • Corporate dissolution or liquidation.