Our firm’s tax area is widely recognized for its excellent legal services and for the skill with which it conducts our clients’ tax issues. We advise domestic and international companies from a wide range of industries and dedicate ourselves to providing our clients guidance for interpreting and applying tax law.

The lawyers from our tax area make decisive contributions to our clients’ financing and capital market transactions. Their knowledge and skill is essential for structuring and implementing these transactions.

Our main services in this area include:

  • Representation in tax litigation at the administrative and judicial levels for municipal, state and federal taxes, as well as Social Security and pension contribution taxes. Our litigation team has an important presence before the Tax Appeals Administrative Board (CARF) and appellate courts – monitoring significant cases and directly participating in landmark cases – and before state administrative appeal boards, especially before the Taxes and Fees Tribunal (TIT);
  • Assistance negotiating tax breaks and special tax methods, including negotiating with Brazilian states for the implementation of new projects;
  • Assistance in approving tax installment plans and similar debt payments;
  • Preparing and monitoring requests for letter rulings on the interpretation of tax law before the agencies with jurisdiction;
  • Representation in audits by Brazilian Federal Revenue and the São Paulo State Treasury Secretariat, assisting in meeting the auditors’ requirements;
  • Tax planning focused specifically on business and financial transactions, as well as merger, acquisition, spinoff and association transactions, including participating in due diligence on the target assets and company;
  • Domestic and international tax planning, including analyzing double taxation treaties, transfer pricing rules, withholding tax, repatriation of investments and the international transfer of funds;
  • Tax planning for inheritance and personal assets;
  • Advising on the tax aspects of various kinds of infrastructure projects, including energy, telecommunications and petroleum and gas;
  • Advising in matters involving the import and export of goods and services, including taxation, tax breaks, tax classification, customs duties, “ex-tariff” and special customs methods; and
  • Representation in administrative and judicial litigation concerning all types of customs matters, including challenges to infraction notices for fines and seizure of assets.