The TMA Brazil statute wants to be an example of applying the best principles of corporate governance within the framework of a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest (OSCIP). It aims to ensure the inclusion of all professionals involved in the theme of its corporate purpose who wish to join as members and who, respecting their rights and duties and under a common code of ethics, will have the freedom to participate in both social activities and functions of governance of the association according to well-established precepts. Nevertheless, and also aiming at constant monitoring of the practical effects and development of the guidelines contained therein, the Statutes will be under continuous review and improvement by a dedicated committee reporting the suggested evolution directly to the general assembly of the associate members.

TMA Brasil is a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest

TMA Brasil obtained the status of OSCIP from the Ministry of Justice. TMA Brazil donors that are in the real income tax regime may deduct as an expense the amount donated up to the limit of 2% of the respective donor’s operating income. Such companies sponsoring the cause of TMA Brasil in promoting the recovery of the value and performance of companies in crisis, will have a “discount” of 34% in the associative contribution and of sponsorship, in the form of tax deduction.