Privacy and Data Protection (LGPD)


Advising on compliance with Brazilian data protection legislation (LGPD), as well as on international standards of compliance (in particular with GPDR).

Assistance in the implementation of Data Compliance Programs comprising one or more of the following activities according to the client’s needs: (i) mapping; (ii) diagnosis; (iii) implementation; (iv) training; and (v) monitoring.

Assistance in the elaboration and/or revision of internal policies and procedures, as well as Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) and Incident Response and Remediation Plan.

Structuring, drafting and revising contracts of employees, partners and/or clients regarding the protection of data.

Assistance in the creation of internal training and awareness programs related to data protection.

Provision of Data Privacy Officer (DPO) services and/or employee training for such activity with assistance in the development of internal policies, routines and processes to respond to complaints from data owners’ complaints and requests and implementation of methodologies such as Privacy by Default and Privacy by Design.

Assistance in monitoring Data Compliance Programs and periodic evaluations of the effectiveness of such programs, as well as Data Protection Committees and Data Privacy Officers (DPOs).

Data protection due diligence and support for mergers and acquisitions regarding data protection.