Consultancy on regulatory issues affecting the energy, oil and natural gas, telecommunications, basic sanitation, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical sectors, controlled products, airports, railways, highways, ports and maritime terminals.

Assistance to clients in legal proceedings and representing in defenses in infraction notices, as well as acting in the regularization with regulatory agencies ANP, ANA, ANEEL, EPE, ONS, ANVISA, ANTA, ANAC, ANATEL, ANTT, ANM, MAP, INMETRO, Army, Federal and Civil Police.

Obtaining licenses, authorizations, and public records, as well as product labeling.

Advice on the administrative rules applicable to industrial activities. Obtaining the necessary permits and licenses for the use of controlled chemical products before the Army, Federal and Civil Police. Obtaining of ANP authorizations related to the industrial use of natural gas, biomethane, biodiesel, petrochemical naphtha and other production inputs. Analysis of draft bills and resolutions under discussion in the Legislative Chambers, in CONAMA, in the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Energy and CONASQ (National Chemical Safety Commission). Evaluation of regulatory risks that may impact client´s activities.