Centro de Estudos das Sociedades de Advogados – CESA


The Center for the Study of Law Firms – CESA is a non-profit civil association formed by Law Firms regularly registered with the Brazilian Bar Association – OAB

Founded on June 30, 1983, initially counting on Associates of São Paulo, CESA gradually expanded its activities and extended its reach to other states and abroad, counting today with more than 800 registered companies.

The main purposes of CESA are: a) to promote studies and to express its views on legal issues and matters relating to the administration of justice and the exercise of the profession of lawyer; B) to promote the study and defense of issues of interest to the Associates; C) offer to Associates studies and services that facilitate the practice of the profession of lawyer; D) represent the interests of Associates and Law Firms in relation to the class organs and other professional bodies of lawyers; E) represent the interests of the Members in court.